Storyourself supports culture makers to tell stories of profound change.

Through writing, workshops, mentorships and experiences,  we widen imagination and ignite action so  more of us can find our place in the global regenerative movement.

Undocumented migrants storytelling at Framer Framed, Amsterdam

Home is a story you carry on your back

Developing a powerful voice for migrants by creating an inclusive place of welcome for their traditional oral stories. Now running in Amsterdam and Utrecht, and ready to run in new locations.

Story mentoring for misfits

For those at the cross-roads and ready to embark on something new, I offer a 3 month mentorship.

This focuses on finding your own story, so you can move forward with more purpose and direction.

Based on tens of thousands of hours of experiencewith people who  want to find their story 


Newsletter by storyteller Simon Hodges featuring insights drawn from myth and folk tale

The Linden Bower

Follow my journey as a storyteller, writing about stories of the Netherlands and Europe from the ancient point of view of myth.

Upcoming events

Storytelling swordplay

Sharpen your skills as a storyteller There’s a limit to how much we can learn from storytelling by describing it. This is your  chance to jump right into the ring […]

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Het Baarnse Verhalenhuis

Op 29 juni opent Het Baarnse Verhalenhuis voor het eerst haar deuren. Een huiselijke locatie met vertellers, dichters en muzikanten uit Baarn. Een plek van luisteren en ontmoeten, met een […]

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Return to Belonging

Encountering soul through story and ritual in the Holtingerveld When the world’s issues seem so large and out of reach, it’s time to for our attention to get close up […]

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Natuurvriendenhuis het Hunehuis, Hunebeddenweg 1
Darp, Drenthe 7973 JA Netherlands
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