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Return to Belonging

8 November @ 6:00 pm - 10 November @ 4:00 pm

Encountering soul through story and ritual in the Holtingerveld

When the world’s issues seem so large and out of reach, it’s time to for our attention to get close up and intimate.

When life starts to feel like a non-stop loop, it’s time we embrace slowness and care.

If we can spend time for just a weekend, caring for our words, our actions where our attention goes, we can return to the world with our perspectives shifted, our sense of ourselves and our place in the world intact.

The world is moving fast and it is calling for response. But knowing where we can be most effective takes reflection and slowing down.

The great thing about story and ritual is they take us into uncertainty and then bring us back. They let us feel what it is to be unsure of our footing, so as to be almost weightless. We become aware of the soil around us, the birds in the air, the pattern of trees. Our senses get used to their natural work. Our attention for ourselves and each other gets sharper, clearer and more kind.

Then the place where we are, the stories we’re told and the people we’re with become a theatre of nourishment. An offering to be gentler and more awake.

This is what stories, ritual and land listening offer us continuously. And that’s why we’re offering this to our community, to embrace a wider circle of people in what it is think and move more slowly, be disrupted by nature’s flow and hear stories passed to us by ancestors that remind us that whatever conundrums we face, there a place of returning is always available to us: a return to belonging to ourselves and the Earth we walk on.

What you will experience

The whole weekend is a ritual of story, nature connection and listening to self

– Practices to guide connection to self, place and others

– Myths that speak of the land and the ritual journeys we are on

– Space for enquiry and contemplation, sharing if you wish with others 

– Warmth, conviviality, eating and celebrating together


You’ll love this if…

 People that have signed up include anthropologists, activists, experience designers and storytellers. You’ll be at home joining them if…

– You long for depth of connection to land, yourself and others

–  You want to sharpen your sense of purpose and leadership in a turbulent age

– You’re inspired by ancestral myth and how it awakens our relationship to soul

– You don’t mind tangling with tricky questions

– You’re looking for nourishment and renewal

– You want to connect to a similar community looking for experience of similar things 


Your team

Nynke Vos

Sacred Time 

From my background as a cultural anthropologist and creative therapist, I like to work with rituals at moments of transition. And when I supervise groups I draw on my training in systemic work.

Making room for essential growth and development in encounters with others is what drives me. I believe that change and transformation is a joint process, which can best take place in connection with each other, and is only amplified with connection to the land.

Simon Hodges


Over 12 years of telling stories, I’ve felt most at ease telling them in relation to the land. Landscape is where they come from and where they feel most alive.

Visiting hunebedden in Drenthe for the first time, it felt like centuries peeled away. We’re heading into this fantastic place, with stories just as old, to lose layers of regular thinking and head home with urgent vital ideas about how to tackle the challenges and joys of current life.


We’re off to a beautiful stretch of moorland called the Holtingerveld, near Uffelte in Drenthe. We’ll be on the land as much as we can during the day, walking around the majestic hunebedden (burial mounds) that dot the local heath. We’ll have group sessions on the land and back at the hostel.

Overnight we’ll stay in a stripped back friendly hostel with our own spaces to gather and a good kitchen to cook in. Bedrooms offered are basic but comfortable, shared with one other person of the same gender. You are also welcome to organise your own accommodation and travel on and off site each day.


Outline of weekend

Food is provided from dinner on Friday to lunch on Sunday.


Gathering in warmth and gentle introduction


Find a place on the land you’ll become familiar with
Lean into your current urgent questions
Listen to a story on longing


Return to land with question
What do you want to let go of
Engage in land listening practice
End of afternoon story on finding your genius

Meal, pleasure and play


Head to land for listening
What am I returning with
Personal ritual in gratitude for place

Gathering for story

Welcoming each other home, gratitude and closing ritual

Interested? Sign up below!

 We’ve got a beautiful place to stay, great stories to tell and a beautiful mix of people who want to come. 

This is as much about communal awakening as it is personal. Come and be part of a weekend that will ring in your soul for years to come. The weekend includes rituals, stories, practices, and dialogue and guidance, time on your own and food and accommodation – with the addition of a creative community in the mix.

If you’re interested pop your name using the form below. This is not a commitment, it just let’s us know you’d like further info about how to sign up.

If you have questions, send Simon a whatsapp or email. 


8 November @ 6:00 pm
10 November @ 4:00 pm
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Sacred Time


Natuurvriendenhuis het Hunehuis
Hunebeddenweg 1
Darp, Drenthe 7973 JA Netherlands
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