Storyourself Mentorship

Three months of intensive development as a storyteller

After several requests, I’ve launched this mentorship programme. Over six sessions of one-to-one contact we create a tailored journey for what you want to learn. We  deepen the conversation around what you’re finding as a storyteller. I may suggest readings and teach some topics, drawing on nearly 15 years as a storyteller.

Storytelling may be something you do live and in person, or you may wish to apply it in your work. 

Core questions of people who have requested mentorship so far are:

– How can I tell my leadership story?
– How can I have greater presence in the room?
– How can I get my communication with colleagues?
– How can I get my storytelling into my copywriting?

Over three months, I support you get clear on what you want to achieve as a storyteller. We lay a path for you to get there and I support you as you walk it. I’ve received so much benefit from this kind of intense personal contact with master storytellers myself. I’d be thrilled if this could be the same for you.

If you think this is for you sounds, book a 30 minute call with me and I’ll answer any questions you have.



As a coach, Simon is brilliant at tuning in with the person in front of him and reminding them what is truly important, for the concrete task at hand and in life generally. What I most appreciated about his coaching was learning the techniques to step into my power and perform with confidence in any work related situation.
Dr. Tanja Ahlin

Author of Calling Family', Health & Technology Anthropologist

The programme 

Six online sessions over three months (or longer as convenient)

– In person sessions of you live in Utrecht/Amsterdam area

– Intake call to define your objectives and design your programme

– Each session we’ll discuss what you’re finding. I’ll amplify with my own experience, suggest readings, set exercises and of course, tell stories.

– At the end, I’ll write you a letter reflecting on what we’ve covered, recommended steps to go forward. For your own insight, you’re most welcome to reply

– Mentees report clearer perspective on storytelling, more focused direction, greater presence in the room, confidence in telling their stories.

I offer this mentorship for 1600 + BTW. 

Mentees so far have met the cost so far through their own companies or their employee training budget. If the mentorship calls to you but you’re unable to meet the cost, instalments and bursary places are available.


I’ve previously worked with leaders and professionals at: 

Triodos Bank
Circle Economy
Rotterdam School of Management




MediaTrust UK







Simon knows how to get to the essence of your message and translate it into creative copy appealing to your audience. It is a blast to work with him, quick response times and he listens very well. Simon is the absolute master in storytelling.
Clarissa Filiius

SEO specialist, Booming

Simon is our storytelling star at TEDxAmsterdam. An accomplished, captivating storyteller himself, Simon has the enviable skill of bringing the best stories out in others. With stories being at the heart of a TED(x) talks, Simon is a valuable member of the speech coaching team.
Tara Philips

Coach Co-ordinator, TEDxAmsterdam

There are few people who understand the craft of storytelling & live it in their day-to-day work. Simon is one of them & because of this his stories speak to all of us.
Paul Hughes - Growth expert, Keynote Speaker