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A story about storytelling

Storyourself is a specialist in story training with passionate storyteller Simon Hodges at its heart. Having established itself in the social business sector from 2011, it has now trained over 10, 000 professionals, campaigners and entrepreneurs.

Storyourself’s clients are a broad church of visionary entrepreneurs and talented professionals from for-, non-profit and academic sectors. Through training and advice we bring alive their visions of a better world with attention to original depth and meaning that have served storytellers throughout all time.

The essence of storytelling is finding ways to be your most unique self as an individual, project or company and seeing how you can tap in to current story movements worldwide. This involves a deep appreciation for ourselves and the world in which we live, which make storytelling itself a transformative, ever-expanding discipline.

As we’ve ridden the business storytelling wave, we’ve been inspired by its leading practitioners as well as artists and visionaries from outside the field. We bring to our clients an ever-expanding set of skills and insights to bring their communications alive for any business purpose.

About Simon Hodges

Simon Hodges is a spontaneous, energetic personality who founded Storyourself – previously called Words That Change – as a way to transform business culture. His belief that stories are instrumental in changing mindsets has led him to become a sought after trainer and speaker.

His deep love of cultural transformation is expressed through his ongoing journey into mythology and oral storytelling. Telling the old stories has proved a constant and all-consuming way of reminding us of the values we all share, while soothing the troubled minds and souls of our present age – not least his own.

The journey between art and business has kept both fresh and relevant, and his enjoyment at shaking up perceptions in a boardroom or communications team is as obvious as sharing a 12th century Welsh folk tale.

“I really enjoyed your final session at E-motive! Within a few minutes I had shared my joy, sadness, doubts, and fears with a complete stranger and (without going over the top) made a few life affirmations. All this before I even knew his name or his organisation. Needless to say – it was one of my favourite endings ever to a conference.”

~ Jordan Junge, Social Innovation Exchange

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