Roots / Finding our creativity in an old myth

Two storytellers offer myths that have sustained European culture for centuries. Both Norse and Celtic myth offer signposts for the collective and individual paths we can choose to take at this time of rapid cultural transition. This is for anyone with an interest in storytelling and myth, with a love of how other cultures have […]

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De Ceuvel, Korte Papaverweg 4
Amsterdam, 1032 KB Netherlands
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Dreamtime / Myths of wisdom and deep imagination

-- It was our world, but turned over. Like it was turned over with a spade -- Traveller folk tale The Dreamtime sits behind and largely creates the world we experience each day. By getting in touch with it, and learning of it through story, we can discover more of what there is to treasure, […]

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€7 – €12
Idéfix, Bloemgracht 99
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland 1016 KH Netherlands
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Becoming Mythic

In oral nature-connected cultures, myth used to be an indispensable part of daily life serving as a way to remind us of our identity, to make meaning of our surroundings, and to pass on vital knowledge. This weekend invites you to listen deeply to myth and land so can you can harvest some of the […]

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Uelenspiegel, Winkelsteeg 5
Uffelte, Drenthe 7975 PV Netherlands
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